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Ismay Verbeek

Ismay Verbeek

Digital Designer & Illustrator

Digital Designer & Illustrator

Hi, I am Ismay.

I am an all-round digital designer and artist backed by my technical skills. I love to create and translate designs to all kinds of digital assets and illustrations. In my free time I am passionate about creating the most colourful aesthetic artworks inspired by nature. Scroll further to see my work!


I define myself as a very allround digital artist who loves to translate design and stories into anything visual. Feel free to enjoy my work here, which consists of digital design, 3D environments, icons and also digital illustrations.



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I graduated in a Bachelor of Science: Game Art at the University of the Arts Utrecht. I love to make beautiful designs with a focus to translate the essence or story of my subject. I specialise in creating digital assets, design for logos/icons/websites/packaging/patterns and illustrations. This may seem a little bit much, but I am just passionate about anything creative and because I have a big repertoire of technical and creative skills, but also a solid creative design process, I am able to convert this to many different specialisations. Besides illustrating, designing and the occasional coding, I love to be in nature which is one of my biggest inspirations. I am currently located in Auckland, New Zealand.


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